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JZA80 Supra Major Service Kits: 2JZ-GTE VVT MSK *COMBO* Product code: JZA802JZGTEVVTMSKCOMBO

AUD1,066.24AUD 1,066.24 each
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This selection includes:

Part Number Description Quantity
1356849036 2JZ-G* Timing Belt (All versions) 1
9031140020 2JZ-G* / (1JZ-GTE VVTi Intake) Camshaft seal 2
9031146001 1JZ-GTE / 2JZ-G* Front Crankshaft seal 1
AY460TY021 2JZ-G* Timing Belt Tensioner Pulley & Bracket (Pitwork Brand) 1
Part Number Description Quantity
90915YZZD2 Oil Filter (Genuine Toyota) 1
1121346030 2JZ-GTE Valve Cover Seal LH / Intake (Genuine Toyota) 1
1121446011 2JZ-G* Valve Cover Seal RH / Exhaust (Genuine Toyota) 1
1226346010 2JZ-GTE Crankcase Breather Hose Middle Rear (Genuine Toyota) 1
1226446010 2JZ-GTE Crankcase Breather Hose Middle Front (Genuine Toyota) 1
9098011246 Toyota Ignition Coil Harness Repair Connector (Genuine Toyota) 3
9021006014 Valve Cover Bolt Washer Seal (Genuine Toyota) 16
1226188401 2JZ-GTE Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) Hose (Genuine Toyota) 1
1226246021 2JZ-GTE Crankcase Breather Hose RH (Genuine Toyota) 1
9048018001 PCV Grommet (Genuine Toyota) 1
1354046030 Timing belt tensioner assembly (Genuine Toyota) 1
Part Number Description Quantity
RCTP001 Response³ Accessory Belt Tensioner Pulley 1
6PK1940 Dayco Multi-Accessory Belt 1
RCHB001 Response³ 1JZ / 2JZ Harmonic Balancer (Crankshaft Pulley) 1
1610049847 2JZ Water Pump (Viscous hub fan models) (Genuine Toyota) 1
9091603093 2JZ-G* Thermostat (Genuine Toyota) 1
1657146220 Top Radiator hose JZA80 Supra (Genuine Toyota) 1
1657246160 Bottom Radiator hose JZA80 Supra (Genuine Toyota) 1
1632562010 2JZ-G* Thermostat Gasket (Genuine Toyota) 1


WTFauto has drawn upon decades of combined experience servicing Toyotas along with feedback from you, the customers, to create the ultimate selection of service parts specifically tailored to each and every vehicle and engine combination. 

Not only do we offer the best prices around as well as exclusive brands & products, we are making this deal extra tasty by offering the following discounts:

  • Each MSK is priced at 10% below our already rock-bottom parts prices
  • Purchase all three MSKs as a *COMBO* for the ultimate service and you will receive a further 10% off ALL THREE kits
  • Bring your MSK(s) to WTFauto for fitment and we'll discount the labour by 10%!

So, which MSK is for you?

MSK 1 - 100,000km Essentials
These basic items are everything you typically need to perform an effective & thorough timing belt service.

MSK 2 - 100,000km Extensive
These additional items address many of the common parts that require replacement at 100,000km intervals, helping to ensure you have a longer lasting, leak free engine. This kit also addresses many components that commonly perish, crack and fail.

MSK 3 - 100,000km Ultimate
These additional items complement the first two MSKs to create the ultimate service. It's like a birthday for your car and further reduces the possibility of component failures in the future!

MSK COMBO - All three MSKs combined for the Ultimate service & the Ultimate discount!

Select your MSK from the list above to see additional details & pricing

Weight: 6 kg
Width: 40 cm
Length: 40 cm
Height: 30 cm

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