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WTFauto offers a highly specialised level of service and expertise within the Toyota brand that strives to be at the pinnacle of all modification & motorsport workshops

We at WTFauto aim to take the pain out of modifying your car. Whether you're purchasing from our store or bringing your vehicle in to our workshop for improvement, you can have faith that we only use and sell parts that we have selected as having the best value with good reliability and ease of fitment. There are countless online shops for parts but how many have even tried their products in the real world? How many have actually tested their power improvement claims?

WTFauto also offers a unique selection of products and services designed to fill areas of demand where no other company offers solutions of adequate performance or quality. This includes our custom manifold and exhaust system fabrication service, our extensive experience in sequential / staged turbocharging and our experience with engine conversion operations.

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WTFauto's new online shop features a constantly growing and evolving selection of Genuine replacement & Aftermarket performance parts, hand selected by experienced mechanics as being what we prefer to use on your car (and our own!).

We all know it, there are a million online shops selling performance parts for your car. But who do you trust?

Here at WTFauto, we sell only parts which we, as experienced mechanics, know are of high quality manufacture. You can feel safe that the parts you buy have been tested time and time again in our workshop and that these parts are of a standard that we entrust our high reputation on their quality.

You will also find helpful information and recommendations for each product, written by mechanics with real experience installing and servicing your model of car.

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